Why learn Japanese?

One of Japan's Red seal ships (1634), which were used for trade throughout Asia

If you’re interested in getting ahead in the world of marketing or technology, Japanese is the ultimate language to learn, after all Japan boasts the second largest market in the world. Japan may be the only country to speak the Japanese language, but as the Japanese market thrives, acquiring knowledge of the Japanese language will be very beneficial, not only to a foreign language learner but also to those with a flair for business.


Japanese isn’t a difficult language, quite contradictory to the common perspective we tend to hold. The grammar of the Japanese language is relatively simple in comparison to European languages, gender, articles and distinctions between plural and singular do not exist in the Japanese language. Pronunciation of the Japanese language is straightforward. Japanese language possesses an inconsiderable amount of sounds, which makes it easier for the Japanese language learner, unlike rolling the ‘r’ in Spanish, or the harsh ‘g’ of German. Although the written form of Japanese, consisting of hiragana and katakana, (similar to an alphabet), and Kanji, which can be difficult, the calligraphy, brush stroke and meaning behind these Chinese symbols is intriguing.


Visit and explore the modern bustling city of Tokyo; discover the Shinjuku district, a large entertainment and business area alive with locals and tourists alike. Or if you’re the adventurous, strong stomached type, wander in the Tsukiji fish market, the largest fish market in the world, spectacular! Appreciate the Todaiji temple in Nara, which houses Japans largest Buddha statue. Sample the yatai (food stalls) in Fukuoka, Kyushu’s largest city. Immerse yourself in the individuality of Japan, not forgetting admiring the Geisha, appreciating a tea making ceremony, walking in the sensational Japanese style gardens or marveling over the kimonos with their captivating color and detail. Surround yourself with Japanese language, Japanese characters and Japanese people.

Why learn Japanese?

With the increasing global and economic importance of Japan, it is important to understand the Japanese language in order to gain access to information available only in Japanese, to increase the level of understanding and gain a deeper knowledge of Japan.


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