Foreign Language School is located in Madison Alabama. This School is an educational entity dedicated to teaching foreign languages and cultures to the community. The School is dedicated to serving the Huntsville Metropolitan area, and in the future plans to expand its reach, through current technology, to the world beyond the Tennessee Valley.


Alida Li is director of the Foreign Language School in Madison, Alabama.  She was born in Romania, and as part of the minority group of German descent in Transylvania, attended German schools.  In 1989 she took the position of German Teacher at the elementary school in Sascior, Romania.  In 1992 she moved to Austria, where she earned a Goethe Institute certification in German.  After the birth of her child in 2002, Alida decided to teach her daughter German, just as her mother did, passing on the valuable inheritance of the German Language.


Alida graduated from the University of Cincinnati in 1999, with a BA in German.  Upon graduation she worked in the Cincinnati Public Schools. After moving to Huntsville in 2000, Alida was the director of the Social Work and Psychology Resource Center at Oakwood University.  In 2005 she worked as an Instructor for the Huntsville Foreign Language Center, were she taught German to American students in private and small groups. In 2007 she decided to open her own Language School, offering other languages in addition to German.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany